from Indiegogo4,440.00 from CrowdOx Hardback - The "Pre-Quill" to Paperback A new chapter in deckbuilding / word games. 14,692.00 from Kickstarter514.00 from CrowdOx Bullets and Teeth A casual zombie card game for 3-5 players where you don't have to outrun the dead if you can outrun the living. 11,559.00 from Kickstarter3,680.00 from CrowdOx D20 / D30 RPG DCC Dice Chain Sets -New D17, D19, D26 D28 New D17, D19, D26 D28 dice. Our shoes give them the freedom of movement nature intended - and let them sense adventure in every step! 554,592.40 from Kickstarter18,544.00 from CrowdOx LightCam: Smart Lightbulb Security Camera Easily installs in any socket (even apartments) - no wiring, no fees, and you control who sees what! A delectable strategy game for 1-4. Monnuage a quelque chose que d'autres applications, à priori similaires, ne disposent pas.

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679,255.00 from Kickstarter244,972.00 from CrowdOx Orcs Must Die! Les Aventures de Ruvik (Voyage à travers le monde). This board game and app puts players in 5 categories to the. 345,788.00 from Indiegogo Mous iPhone Cases With Airo Shock Protection Now available at 2,469,907.00 from Indiegogo Plankpad Plankpad helps with back pain, brings you in shape by doing dynamic plank workouts playing games 180,226.00 from Indiegogo cabaro Swiss Watches - Classic, But Different (IGG). 169.136,00 from Kickstarter The Bdi Bag Eco-Friendly, Ethically Made. 35,479.00 from Kickstarter4,464.50 from CrowdOx SnapPower Charger The outlet cover plate that charges everything USB - no silly hardwiring, just magic. 30,695.00 from Kickstarter2,416.00 from CrowdOx Carson City Big Box Edition The Carson City Big Box edition is a complete collection of everything that Carson City ever offered, all expansions are included. 150,825.00 from Kickstarter3,425.00 from CrowdOx 3D Pawn Learn it in 30 seconds, enjoy it anywhere! Perfect Weekender Bag or Airplane Carry-On. 64,049.60 from Kickstarter37,318.30 from CrowdOx, cthulhu, a 160 page hardcover art book and exclusive miniatures from Richard Luong, the artist of Cthulhu Wars. Light Ready in 10 min. 138,351.01 from Kickstarter roar for Good: Athena Safety with one push. 1,519,680.86 from Kickstarter42,481.58 from CrowdOx 26 Wireless Sport Headphones The best Bluetooth wireless sport earbud technology.


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94,765.00 from Kickstarter2,893.00 from CrowdOx Fateful Signs: The Illustrated Voluspa An exploration of the ancient Norse prophecy, "The Voluspa illuminated through 60 unique illustrations. 360,785.96 from Kickstarter190,954.12 from CrowdOx, ghost Hunter: Angels Demons, hunt the risen and the fallen in this expandable card game, which backers are helping to design. 104,228.00 from Kickstarter58,518.00 from CrowdOx. 144,682.00 from Kickstarter94,634.00 from CrowdOx, the Awful Orphanage. 562,149.25 from Kickstarter195,748.25 from CrowdOx Fantasy Defense A quick but challenging card game that can be played either solo or cooperatively. End as y var xxlisty if extData mit break /if var fromgetFrom. 258.741,00 from Kickstarter20.235,00 from CrowdOx Gemio Band Millions of colors and Light Effects respond to music and movement. Super detailed and fully hand-drawn. 28,554.00 from Kickstarter2,133.00 from CrowdOx Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares Stuff of Nightmares is the tactical combat card game where you can battle your friends with plushy nightmare goats!

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CHF35,418.00 from KickstarterCHF3,329.00 from CrowdOx Sacred Sword 32mm Chibi Miniatures A fanciful fantasy miniatures line taking place in the Sacred Sword world. Interaction is a party game and family game for adults, teens kids. Master the wild cosmic energy and defeat your opponents in this devious alien dice duelling board game for 2-4 players. 30,013.52 from Kickstarter4,357.00 from CrowdOx 3Deep : The Sonic Toothbrush The world's first 3 in 1 oscillating 3D Sonic Toothbrush plus beauty care functionality - facial scrub massage sponge! End as y var xxlisty if y 3 else /if /list y1 if stRank 0 if stRank 0 stRank elseif stRank0 0 else stRank-y /if else /if y1 if stRank 0 if stRank 0 stRank elseif stRank0 0 else stRank-y /if else /if var aliasongAlia(x). 5,506.00 from Kickstarter3,937.80 from CrowdOx, wildling Shoes, kids love to run wild. 136,663.00 from Kickstarter33,560.20 from CrowdOx Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton's Monster Girls Trading Cards A premium wax pack trading card set featuring the art of Dan Brereton, published by SideKick, producers of Mars Attacks: Occupation. The world's first hygienic, multi-beverage water bottle that you can share with your pup! Darkness Sabotage The Board Game, a Sci-Fantasy/Thriller Space Crawl Pitting Space Pirates Against Demons 211,448.00 from Kickstarter112,651.00 from CrowdOx, catacombs Castles. 104,580.00 from Kickstarter5,214.00 from CrowdOx LunaR Solar power.